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A day at the Pro-Am

27th June 2014

A day at the Executive Golf Pro-Am is a great way to get better at golf in a fun and relaxed way. The service and the golf courses are hard to beat. The professionals are extremely friendly and supportive as well as great fun to play golf with.


Executive Golf 2013 Pro-Am

7th March 2014

Our second annual Executive Golf 2013 Pro-am Challenge was held in Southern Portugal from Thursday 26 September to Monday 30 September. We had some fantastic amateurs and professionals enter the competition and take part in this very exciting event. Here are the results!


How SkyCaddie can improve your game

2nd March 2014

Golf has always been a sport in which technology has been embraced, not shunned. At Executive-Golf, we realise that no self-respecting golfer will go out on the green without at least one form of gadget to improve their game and streamline the experience. The SkyCaddie is just one such device, created in order to aid both amateurs and pros alike. So as well as 5-star accommodation and PGA professional coaching, why do we choose to provide our holiday-makers with SkyCaddies too?


England's Oldest Friend: 10 Interesting Facts about Portugal

28th February 2014

At Executive-Golf, we love Portugal for its spectacular scenery and world-class golf courses. It is one of the world's most favoured tourist destinations, with a lifestyle and climate that is the envy of many. But it is a nation with much more than just good beaches and great seafood. Read on to find out what makes the place to special.

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